Newest equipment


The dental practice SoftDentis in Wroclaw (Poland) is equipped with a modern Western European equipment.





We use only EU certified materials and cooperate with experienced dental technicians 


Dentist Poland Dental

High quality and low prices


Save up to 70%

We offer the highest quality and low prices for dental treatments.

Western European patients save between 50% and 70%. E.g. one porcelain crown costs 150 Euros  and one composite filling costs 29 Euros.


Longtime professional experience

Mrs dentist Katarzyna Maciejewska has a long professional experience from Poland and Germany.



We are proud of our many content patients from Germany, England, Netherlands and others countries. Some patients have described your experiences with us.



You can inform us about the planned treatment by telephone, email, letter or fax. If you accept our offer, we agree together a time period for a treatment.



We give 3 years guarantee for all our prosthetics dental services.


Wroclaw can be achieved directly in 1 -  2 hours flying time from England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Norway and others countries.  

The ticket prices start at 19 Euros.



You can combine your treatment at SoftDentis with an interesting vacation in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia.



Dentist Poland Dental  

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