1. Please inform us about the planned treatment (by letter, fax or e-mail) and let us make an offer.


2. If you accept our offer, we can agree a time period for a treatment.


3. We help you at journey planning and we can reserve a hotel for you.


4. We lead the planned treatment.


You can pay the treatment in Euro, Polish zloty, GBP or in other western money. For the information: there are many cash dispenser in Poland.

Why is the treatment so cheap at SoftDentis?


The main cost at dentures are the job costs. And exactly salaries are significantly lower in Poland than in Western Europe.

The costs of rental of premises and taxes are also lower than the West European level.

We operate independently, without any intermediaries. Either we don't have any administration.


We use only Western European materials and treatment equipment. And the education of the staff are comparably with Western Europe. In addition Mrs. Dentist Katarzyna Maciejewska has a long time professional experience from the West Europe (Germany).


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