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From 17.08.2018

I whas in holland to a dentist ho fixed 3 teeth and it cost me €411,-. He also told me 3 other teeth needeed the filling to be replaced. Thx to my grand father in law he helped me to come in contact with softDentis. Now the proffesion here is muts higher than in Holland. The 3 teeth my own Dentist told me to be replaced where not needed, but 3 others needed more high priority. I also let al my old black fillings replaced and a wisdom teeth pulled out. Total 4 teeth and a wisdom teeth €360.The most differense is the care and patient they take care of with you. They also work like in other country's like Germany with Ceramic instead of composit. Its harder and stronger. To the point, a real good Dentist with high proffesion of work.

Von Jacqueline B.  Basildon, England

From 16.09.2009

This was my first visit to SoftDentis clinic where I had extensive dental work undertaken. I was very impressed with the service and final completion of my treatment and would recommend anyone who needs extensive dental work to go to this clinic. The staff were professional and made me feel very comfortable. The cost of my treatment was less than 50% compared to the full cost of treatment quoted to me in England.

Von Ian W.  Ashford, Kent, UK

From 21.05.2008

This was my second visit to the practice. This time I had 6 amalgam filings removed and replaced by white ones, all for 250 euros. I am very pleased with the result and once again would recommend this practice for its very high standards and very pleasant staff.

Von David  UK

From 23.12.2007

I am very happy with the work that was carried out for me at softdentis. The staff and interpreters were excellent and I am very happy with the end result. The work is to a higher standard than I could have bought in the UK for 4 times the treatment price.

Von mike s.  Ireland

From 12.10.2007

I made four visits to softdentis for some fairly extensive dental work and I am very pleased with the results,there is no way I could have afforded to have had the work done in Ireland.The Doctor and her staff were just great,everything started on time and I was kept informed during the procedure,the clinic was modern and bright,a 20 minute bus journey from the rynek to the clinic.I have recomended the clinic to many friends who are impressed with my new smile! Mike S. Ireland

Von Bryan W.  Britain

From 03.03.2007

Totally satisfied. Highly recommended. Saved £1000.

Von Ian & Annie W.  Ashford, Kent, UK

From 17.09.2006

Having had my teeth bleached and my wife a crown and filing we are both extremely pleased with the results and excellent service we received at the SoftDentis practice. The staff were very friendly and helpful in explaining the procedures involved and the service we received was very professional. This practice is to be highly commended and we would recommend it to anyone considering a visit to Poland for dental treatment

Von Dave E.  Surrey England

From 19.05.2006

Dear Ladies / Friends I have just arrived home and wanted to write immediately to thank you. I must say that the care and attention you showed me was of the highest order and especially welcome as I knew I had some problems with my teeth but was not sure what they were, in addition I was a stranger in your country who does not speak your language. Within a very short space of time I felt very comfortable in your surgery. The two root canal fillings were dealt with successfully with very little pain and discomfort and I would be very happy to recommend your services to any of my friends and family. The thoroughness of your work really impressed me and when I have some more time I will definitely be back for the further work you have sugggested. Please feel free to pass my e-mail address on to anybody in UK if they wish to ask me any questions about your service. once again Thank you very much Dave E.

Von Kate T.  UK

From 16.10.2005

Thank you for the wonderful work you did to give me my smile back.Impossible to get a dentist in the UK I came to you for treatment after waiting many years here. I am delighted and you will find that others will come on my recommendation. Thank you again Kate T.

Von S. Jensen  Copenhagen/Denmark

From 02.10.2005

At first I was quite afraid, for I did not know what to expect. Now, I am very satisfied with the outcome of your work and will tell about you to my friends.




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