Save money

The treatments at SoftDentis are 50% to 70% cheaper than into the West Europe.

The cause is lower pay and operating costs in Poland.


The table below shows typical prices for both  private dentists in United Kingdom and SoftDentis in Wroclaw (Poland).


Prices Private

dentists in UK

SoftDentis Savings
3-unit-Bridge (incl. temporary crown) GBP 875 GBP 338  GBP 537
Dental crown (incl. temporary crown) GBP 415 GBP 145  GBP 274
Dental examination GBP 47 free GBP 47
Partial dentures GBP 561 GBP 179  GBP 382
Large tooth filling GBP 133 GBP 44  GBP 89
Small tooth filling GBP 82 GBP 26  GBP 56
Tooth extraction GBP 91 GBP 22 GBP 69
Tooth scale and polish GBP 81 GBP 19  GBP 62
Whitening (both jaws) GBP 366 GBP 173 GBP 193

Basic 1 Euro = 0,87 GBP

For example:

A porcelain bonded crown unit is about 415 pounds at a private practice in United Kingdom. Excluding preliminary work or other incidental costs (ex.: root canal, fillings, etc.), a ten-unit bridge would be 4.150 pounds!


The same work costs 1.420 pounds at SoftDentis. This saves you approx. 2.700 pounds, i.e. 65 % of your UK costs !


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