Dental practice SoftDentis offers a wide spectrum of dental treatments in the areas conserving dentistry, surgery, denture prosthetics, prophylaxis and cosmetic dentistry.

Conserving dentistry

• Conservative dentistry involves treatment of carries and dental pulp illnesses.


Preventing disease of gums, teeth and oral cavity


• Professional preventive dentistry, stabilization and strengthening of unstable teeth, steered  regeneration of bone


• Tooth extraction,   surgery of the sinuses and oral cavity


Fillings (composite, amalgam)


Crowns and bridges

Prosthetic dentistry is concerned with missing teeth dentition. Our surgeries provide a complex service of prosthetic restoration, both permanent and removable. Fixed dentures are permanently connected to the patient's teeth. The offer includes:

• prosthetic
crown - fixed prosthetic restoration placed on both vital and dead teeth after their prior grinding.

• prosthetic bridges - fixed dentition of missing teeth parts



Dentures can be divided into:

• removable dentures - placed on foundation and removed by the patient (frame denture, functionally unstable denture)

• fixed dentures - permanently connected to pillar teeth


Dental implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement and is used in prosthetic dentistry to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth.


Cosmetic dentistry

Mask bleaching - by means of filling special silicone masks with whitening gel and placing them on the teeth.

Treatment duration


The number of treatment meetings and complete treatment duration hangs of the size of the treatment.


Simply crowns require two treatment meetings within three work days.


Greater work with several bridges, crowns and dentures simultaneous can need until five treatment meetings within 1.5 week.


Often we can offer a treatment  in two or more phases. You can come for some days for first preparation and later again for some days for putting the crowns or dentures.

Many and cheap direct flight connections make such a procedure possible.


Exact treatment duration is coordinated individually with you.

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