Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our patients ?
The tooth doctor’s practice SoftDentis in Wroclaw (Breslau) has an international character.

Our patients come from Germany, England, Irland, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland and other countries.

In addition, we treat Polish private patients.

Why a dental treatment at SoftDentis ?
Our prices are very attractively. We offer treatments in the highest quality and a very nice and eased atmosphere during the treatment. You can combine the treatment with an interesting vacation. Wroclaw is one of most beautiful towns of Poland.
Don't influence low costs the quality?
The main cost at dentures are the job costs. And exactly salaries are significantly lower in Poland than in Western Europe.

The costs of rental of premises and taxes are also lower than the West European level.

We operate independently, without any intermediaries. Either we don’t have any administration.

We use only Western European materials and treatment equipment. And the education of the staff are comparably with Western Europe. In addition Mrs. Dentist Katarzyna Maciejewska has a long time professional experience from the West Europe (Germany).

How do I pay my treatment ?
The base for our account is a price in Euro. You can pay cash in Euro or with topical exchange rate in Polish zloty, GBP or in other western money.

If you pay with a bank or credit card in Polish zloty, 3 – 4 % bank commission is added to the price.

How much money can I save?
The treatments at SoftDentis are 50% to 70% cheaper than into the West Europe.

For example:

A porcelain bonded crown unit is about 415 pounds at a private practice in United Kingdom. Excluding preliminary work or other incidental costs (ex.: root canal, fillings, etc.), a ten-unit bridge would be 4.150 pounds!

The same work costs 1.420 pounds at SoftDentis. This saves you over 2.700 pounds, i.e. 65% of your UK costs !

How long does a treatment last ?
The number of treatment meetings and complete treatment duration hangs of the size of the treatment.

Simply crown requires two treatment meetings within three work days (up to 8 crowns within 5 work days). Greater work with several bridges, crowns and dentures simultaneous can need until five treatment meetings within 1.5 week.

Often we can also offer a treatment in two phases. You can come for some days for first preparation and then later again for some days for putting the crowns or dentures. Many and cheap direct flight connections make such a procedure possible.

The necessary duration of the treatment for root canal can be different. In the simplest case is only one treatment necessary, in a complicated case (inflammation, pain) several treatments become necessary.

Exact treatment duration is coordinated individually with you.

Do you have any questions?

Additional information and answers to typical questions about dentures can be found on our FAQ page.


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