Dental treatments in Poland

Dental treatments

Dental practice offers a wide spectrum of dental treatments in the areas conserving dentistry, surgery, denture prosthetics, prophylaxis and cosmetic dentistry.
You are the focus of our treatment! Every patient is important and unique to us, which is why we always respond individually to your needs and plan the best therapy for you. Dentist and patient always make the decision on the type of treatment together.
We want you to be completely satisfied – both in terms of the treatment itself and the care in our practice.

In our dental practice in Poland we aim to deliver excellent value for money. Our services cost 70 – 80% less than in Western European practices.

Conserving dentistry

  • Conservative dentistry involves treatment of carries and dental pulp illnesses.
  • Preventing disease of gums, teeth and oral cavity
  • Professional preventive dentistry, stabilization and strengthening of unstable teeth, steered regeneration of bone
  • Tooth extraction, surgery of the sinuses and oral cavity
  • Fillings(composite, amalgam)

Crowns and bridges

Prosthetic dentistry is concerned with missing teeth dentition. Our surgeries provide a complex service of prosthetic restoration, both permanent and removable. Fixed dentures are permanently connected to the patient’s teeth.
The offer includes:

  • prosthetic crown – fixed prosthetic restoration placed on both vital and dead teeth after their prior grinding.
  • prosthetic bridges – fixed dentition of missing teeth parts


Dentures is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They are similar to natural teeth both in shape and size. The dentures should help with proper chewing and speaking. Two types of dentures are available – complete and partial dentures.

Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain.


We give 2 years guarantee for all our prosthetics dental services. The scope is prosthetic surgery and dental treatment free of cost.

The guarantee achievements can be decreased with:

– Negligence of cavity hygiene
– Wrong usage of denture
– Neglecting check ups at dentist’s clinic (in your area once a year)
– Natural worn out of denture instrument for example the one holding cavity bone
– Untreated dysfunction of cavity joint
– Negative effect on chewing system due to the presence of some common illness

Treatment duration

The number of treatment appointments and total treatment time depends on the scope of the treatment.
Simple dental crowns or small bridges require two treatment appointments within 4 working days. Larger treatments involving multiple bridges, crowns and dentures may require up to five treatment sessions over a 2 week period.
We can often offer treatment in phases. You can come for a few days for the initial preparation and later for a few days to adjust and put on the crowns or dentures. Numerous direct flight connections to Wroclaw make such an approach possible.
The exact procedure and duration of treatment will be individually coordinated with you.


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