Steps to your perfect teeth

Procedure for the implementation of dental treatment in Poland

Traveling is a fantastic way to discover different cultures and enjoy wonderful architecture. During your holiday you can also get professional dental care at a very reasonable price, using the offer from our dental practice.  The preparation and implementation of the dental treatment can be carried out in the following steps.

1. Clarification of the scope of dental treatment.

In order to figure out what treatment would be the best for you, we will need several pieces of information from your side. The best way is to carry out a preliminary examination with our dentist. Alternatively a panoramic X-ray and some pictures of your teeth are not only useful but mostly necessary documents to provide proper diagnostics and treatment planning for you. Also your main concerns and preferences regarding the solution.

2. Offer for dental treatment

The precision of our offer is directly dependent on the quality of your information. The quote you receive should inform you of the treatment proposed, the necessary length of visit, costs, guarantee conditions and payment terms.

3. Your decision…

If you are satisfied with the treatment plan that was sent to you, it is finally time for your treatment to be organized.
We can agree which dates and time period would be the best for your dental treatment.

4. Journey

We can help you at journey planning . According to your wishes, we can recommend a nice hotel room or apartment with a good price-performance ratio.

5. Implementation of the dental treatment

We offer treatments in the highest quality and a very nice and eased atmosphere during the treatment. You can combine the treatment with an interesting vacation. Wroclaw is one of most beautiful towns in Poland.

6. Payment

The base for our account is a price in Euro. You can pay cash in Euro or with topical exchange rate in Polish zloty, GBP or in other western money. There are also many cash dispenser in Poland.


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