Save money by dental treatment in Poland

The treatments at SoftDentis are 50% to 70% cheaper than in the West Europe.

The cause is lower pay and operating costs in Poland. The main cost of dental treatments are the job costs. And exactly salaries are significantly lower in Poland than in West Europe. The costs of rental of offices and taxes are also lower than the West European countries. We operate independently, without any intermediaries. Either we don’t have any administration.

The education of our dentists and dental technicians is comparable to Western Europe. Our staff has many years of professional experience. In addition, dentist Katarzyna Maciejewska has many years of professional experience in dentistry in Germany.

In our dental practice we only use Western European materials and treatment equipment.

For example

A porcelain bonded crown unit is typical about 500 Euro at a private practice in West Europa. Excluding preliminary work or other incidental costs (ex.: root canal, fillings, etc.), a ten-unit bridge would be 5.000 Euro!

The same work costs 2.000 Euro at SoftDentis. This saves you approx. 3.000 Euro, i.e. 60 % of your costs in West Europa!

Porcelain bonded crown

Price list

With the appropriate equipment and professional experience, our dentists in Wrocław can offer a wide range of dental services. We show you in a short overview the prices for the most frequent treatments. However, we can give an exact and obligatory statement only on an individual enquiry.

Conservate dentistry

If the caries is shallow and there is no need for root canal treatment, treatment involves the placement of a traditional filling. In our dental practice in Wrocław, we use the best available composite materials, ensuring uncompromising quality and aesthetics.
If the doctor recommends root canal treatment during the examination, this is the last chance to save the tooth. Each root canal treatment is carried out using the latest machine tools, which guarantee the highest precision of treatment.

Scaling20 €17 GBP
Cleaning (sandblasting) and polishing (both jaws)40 €36 GBP
Scaling, cleaning and polishing (both jaws)55 €49 GBP
Root canal treatment (1 canal)65 - 75 €56 - 65 GBP
Extraction30 - 60 €25 - 50 GBP
Composite filling40 - 70 €35 - 60 GBP


Prosthetics, which deals with the replacement of missing teeth, has made great progress over the past several years and today offers methods that ensure much greater comfort of use and an aesthetic end result.

Temporary crown15 €13 GBP
Porcelain crown fused to metal220 €190 GBP
Porcelain crown fused to gold350 €310 GBP
Fullporcelain crown300 €270 GBP
Fullporcelain crown (Zirconium)350 €310 GBP
3-unit-bridge (porcelain fused to metal)550 €500 GBP
Telescopic crown (primary and secondary)350 €310 GBP
Full denture (within 1 week)490 €450 GBP
Partial dentures with clamps350 - 400 €300 - 350 GBP
Clamp-free dentures with 2 locks400 - 500 €350 - 435 GBP

Aesthetic treatment

Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that includes all treatments aimed at improving the aesthetics of a smile. One of the most popular treatments of this type is whitening.The whitening technologies we use are safe and also the best on the market.

Bleaching upper or lower110 €96 GBP
Bleaching upper and lower200 €175 GBP


In our dental practice in Wrocław, the treatment process begins with a free consultation, during which the patient presents his problems and expectations to the dentist.

Consultation(diagnose, estimate, treatment plan)freefree

The base for our account is a price in Euro. You can pay cash in Euro or with topical exchange rate in Polish zloty, GBP or in other western money. 

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